Short-Chained Anthracene Strapped Porphyrins and Their Endoperoxides

The synthesis of short-chained anthracene-strapped porphyrins and their Zn(II)complexes are reported. The key synthetic step employed was a [2+2] condensation between a dipyrromethane and 2,2'-((anthracene-9,10-diylbis(methylene))bis(oxy))dibenzaldehyde. Following exposure to polychromatic light, self-sensitized singlet oxygen and the anthracene moieties underwent [4+2] cycloaddition reactions to yield the corresponding endoperoxides. 1H NMR studies demonstrate that the endoperoxide readily formed in chloroform-d and decayed at 85 °C. X-ray crystallography and absorption spectroscopy were used to confirm macrocyclic distortion in the parent strapped porphyrins and endoperoxides. Additionally, X-ray crystallography indicated that endoperoxide formation occurred exclusively on the outside face of the anthracene moiety.