Quantitative Characterization of Molecular-Stream Separation

2019-07-22T21:02:47Z (GMT) by Sven Kochmann Sergey N. Krylov
Molecular-stream separation (MSS), e.g. by free flow electrophoresis or continuous annular chromatography, has great potential for applications that require continuous downstream separation such continuous flow synthesis. Despite its potential, MSS still needs to be greatly advanced, which requires currently lacking tools for quantitative characterization of streams in MSS. We developed and introduce here an analytical toolbox for this task. The first tool is a method to convolute 3D raw MSS data into a 2D “angulagram” via signal integration over the whole separation zone using a polar coordinate system. The second tool is three quantitative parameters characterizing stream width, linearity, and deflection, which are determined from an angulagram. The third tool is the analysis of the three parameters in relation to physicochemical characteristics of MSS which reveals deficiencies and guides improvements in MSS devices and methods. Examples of toolbox application to validation of previously published MSS data are provided.