Organic Nanosynthesis of Ancient Windmill-like Window Gridarenes at Molecular Scale

We focus on another kind of square-type unit nanogrids with starlike divergent extensibility. As a result, square windmill-like nanogrid <b>WG4</b> have been successfully synthesized by two different kinds of fluorene-based nanosynthons, namely I-shape nanosynthon and L-shape nanosynthon synthesis method. Besides <b>WG4</b>, triangle and hexagon windmill-like nanogrids (<b>WG3</b> and <b>WG5</b>) are also obtained via one-pot nanosynthesis of I-shape nanosynthon with <b>WG3</b> as the main product. For the L-shape nanosynthon synthetic method, the cyclization process possesses higher selectivity, resulting to an excellent yield for <b>WG</b>4. In addition, two stereoisomers of the triangle nanogrids, <i>cis-trans</i>-<b>WG3</b> and <i>cis-cis-</i><b>WG3</b>, were separated and characterized from the single-crystal X-ray diffraction and <sup>1</sup>H NMR analyses for getting insight into the configuration of the triangle nanogrids with the skeleton planarization for the <i>trans</i>-configuration and deplanarization for the <i>cis</i>-configuration.