Novel Ni/MgO Catalysts from Mesoporous MgCO3 for Highly Efficient CO Methanation: Effects of Al and Si Stabilization

Methanation of syngas is a possible way to produce synthetic natural gas. Ni has been proven to be a good and cost-effective catalyst for this reaction. Here we have synthesized Ni/MgO catalyst using mesoporous magnesium carbonate (MMC) as a precursor. Addition of Al2O3 and SiO2 to MMC were made and the different MMC based materials were then impregnated with Ni(NO3)2 and calcined to generate the catalysts. Addition of Al2O3 showed an improvement in the catalytic performance compared to the NiO/MgO catalyst. The catalyst containing Al2O3 had a CO conversion close to 100 % at 350 °C and a high selectivity and yield for CH4. The better performance of the aluminum containing catalyst was believed to be an effect of a better dispersion of Ni at the surface of the catalyst