NMR Elucidation of “NaCl Effect” in Carbohydrates Conversion Toward a Rational Prediction

2019-02-21T16:34:32Z (GMT) by Gan Zhu Hui Li Yiqun Li Liuqun Gu
<p>“NaCl Effect” was well known in biomass chemical degradation including carbohydrate transformations, in which NaCl had significant positive effect in promoting/catalyzing particular transformation. However, direct evidence was very rare in proposed mechanisms to elucidate “NaCl Effect”, here we reported <sup>1</sup>H NMR evidences of “NaCl Effect” on different saccharides and at once non-selective bonding of Cl-H was proposed instead of sequence bonding during deconstruction of hydrogen bonding network based on evidences. A general recommending NaCl usage based on total hydroxyls on saccharides could well explain the best effect of hydrogen bonding destruction in most reported literatures.</p>