Kinetic assessment of the simultaneous hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene and the hydrogenation of diverse polyaromatic structures

<p>The work presents a kinetic study of the simultaneous hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene and hydrogenation of aromatics with different chemical structures. This kind of studies are seldom reported, since many authors deal almost exclusively with hydrodesulfurization. Furthermore, most of these authors employ power rate laws for kinetic modelling neglecting a rigorous analysis of the thermodynamic parameters of the reactions; namely, adsorption enthalpies and entropies.<br></p><p></p><p>Considering this fact, we decided to base our kinetic modelling on a Langmuir-Hinshelwood-Hougen-Watson (LHHW) formalism testing the hypothesis of the existence of one or two different catalytic sites for hydrogenation and desulfurization. The consistency of the aforementioned thermodynamic parameters was assessed considering the criteria postulated by Boudart.</p><p></p><p>Our results allowed concluding that a LHHW model considering two actives sites provides a statically satisfactory fitting of experimental data. In addition, it was possible to determine that inhibition effects of aromatics on hydrodesulfurization exist but depend to some extent on the molecular structure of the aromatic.</p><p></p><p>On the other hand, this work also contributes by providing experimental values of adsorption constants of compounds reacting under hydrotreatment conditions which despite the significant advances in theoretical calculations are not yet available in open literature.</p>