Expressing Raman Spectral Details Through Raman Parameter Information Diagram (RAPID)

2018-07-23T13:49:35Z (GMT) by Rajesh Kumar
A handy diagram with name RAPID (Raman parameter information diagram) is proposed here which can be<br>used for listing spectral parameters associated with a Raman spectrum. It is demonstrated how by drawing<br>simple shapes like lines, triangles etc, it becomes easy to express various nding in a Raman spectrum like<br>red- (or blue-) shift, asymmetry, broadening, antiresonance etc. It will also be explained how by following<br>certain protocols, conveying Raman spectral features becomes easier unambiguously in a pictorial form,<br>proposed to be called as \RAPID" diagram. The proposed diagram will certainly prove to be a good tool in<br>the eld of Raman spectroscopy. It will be noticed that, though it is proposed for Raman spectra, RAPID<br>diagram can be used for representing features of any spectra.