Electrically-Induced Light Emission in Polymer-Stabilized Proton Gradient Systems

2019-02-25T17:18:25Z (GMT) by Jerzy J. Langer Ewelina Frąckowiak
<div>Experiments with the chemically generated proton gradient, have lead to fabricate the system which emits the light, when electrically powered, owing to proton current flow. A polymeric scaffold preserves the stability of the system and, at the same time is playing a role of dopants of water, due to chemical character (acidic or basic) of side groups, which are responsible for gradient formation. The</div><div>results of experiments with the chemical model of the proton gradient, the protonic p-n junction, as a light emitting diode, make a “proof of concept”, which opens the way into new light generating process and new device (protonic LED), but also, to general understanding the proton gradient role in</div><div>the light emission processes.</div>