Effects of Sulfur Curing Systems on Mechanical Properties of NR/SBR Rubber Blends

2020-04-16T13:05:16Z (GMT) by Ruogu Tang Jian Zheng Zhaoge Huang
A series of NR/SBR vulcanizates were prepared through three different vulcanization systems, conventional vulcanization (CV), effective vulcanization (EV) and semi-effective vulcanization (SEV) respectively, basing on each formulation and optimum curing time. We examined the mechanical properties of NR/SBR vulcanizates including tensile strength, tear strength, elongation at break, modulus, Shore A hardnessand and relative volume abrasion. The results indicated that NR/SBR vulcanizates prepared in different systems differed in mechanical properties. Vulcanizates prepared via CV showed higher tensile and tear strength; vulcanizates prepared via EV had high modulus and hardness, and vulcanizates prepared via SEV performed high abrasion resistance.