Effects of ABS-g-MAH on Morphologies and Properties of PC/ASA/PMMA Blends

2020-05-20T08:48:47Z (GMT) by Ruogu Tang
In this work, ABS-g-MAH was used as the compatibilizer in poly carbonate/acrylonitrile styrene acrylate/poly(methyl methacrylate) blends. The polymer blends were prepared via a two-step method: first, raw PC, ASA, PMMA resins and ABS-g-MAH additives were completely mixed and granulated by extrusion molding, and then the standard PC/ASA/PMMA blends samples were obtained by injection molding. A comprehensive characterizations were performed on the PC/ASA/PMMA blends of their morphologies, mechanical properties and thermal properties. The results showed that the addition of ABS-g-MAH could promote the compatibilities among PC, ASA and PMMA, and ABS-g-MAH would significantly alter the mechanical and thermal properties of blends.