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Buchwald-Hartwig Amination Using Pd(I) Dimer Precatalysts Supported by Biaryl Phosphine Ligands

submitted on 04.01.2018, 21:17 and posted on 05.01.2018, 15:29 by Alexander Spokoyny, Kent O. Kirlikovali, Eunho Cho, Tyler J. Downard, Lilit Grigoryan, Zheng Han, Sooji Hong, Dahee Jung, Jason C. Quintana, Vanessa Reynoso, Sooihk Ro, Yi Shen, Kevin Swartz, Elizabeth Ter Sahakyan, Alex I. Wixtrom, Brandon Yoshida, Arnold L. Rheingold
We report the synthesis of air-stable Pd(I) dimer complexes featuring biaryl phosphine ligands. Catalytic experiments suggest that these complexes are comptent precatalysts that can mediate cross-coupling amination reactions between aryl halide electrophiles with both aliphatic and aromatic amine nucleophiles. This work represents an expansion of the air-stable precatalyst toolbox for Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling transformations.





  • Homogeneous Catalysis

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This work was completed as a part of an advanced inorganic/organometallic chemistry undergraduate laboratory course (Chemistry 174) taught at UCLA during the Winter of 2017 by A. M. Spokoyny. Kent O. Kirlikovali, Dahee Jung and Alex Wixtrom were teaching assistants in the course. Eunho Cho, Tyler J. Downward, Lilit Grigoryan, Zheng Han, Sooji Hong, Jason C. Quintana, Vanessa Reynoso, Sooihk Ro, Yi Shen, Kevin Swartz, Elizabeth Ter Sahakyan and Brandon Yoshida were undergraduate students enrolled in the course.