Biaxial Strain Tuning of Interlayer Excitons in Bilayer MoS2

We show how the excitonic features of biaxial MoS2 flakes are very sensitive to biaxial strain. We find a lower bound for the gauge factors of the A exciton and B exciton of (-41 ± 2) meV/% and (-45 ± 2) meV/% respectively, which are larger than those found for single-layer MoS2. Interestingly, the interlayer exciton feature also shifts upon biaxial strain but with a gauge factor that is systematically larger than that found for the A exciton, (-48 ± 4) meV/%. We attribute this larger gauge factor for the interlayer exciton to the strain tunable van der Waals interaction due to the Poisson effect (the interlayer distance changes upon biaxial strain).