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Balancing Bulkiness in Gold(I) Phosphino-Triazole Catalysis

submitted on 12.06.2019, 20:14 and posted on 13.06.2019, 14:58 by Yiming Zhao, Matthew Wakeling, Fernanda Meloni, Tze Jing Sum, Huy van Nguyen, Benjamin Buckley, Paul Davies, John Fossey
A series of phosphino triazoles are disclosed, within which, the phosphorus atom is appended by one, two or three triazole motifs. Gold(I) chloride complexes of the synthesised ligands were prepared and analysed by techniques including single crystal X-ray diffraction structure determination. SambVca (2.0) was used to determine percentage buried volumes. The effectiveness of these gold(I) chloride complexes to serve as precatalysts for alkyne hydration were assessed.


University of Birmingham

Loughborough University

Research Councils UK

Royal Society Industrial Fellowship

Royal Society Research Grant (2012/R1)

Wellcome Trust ISSF Award

H2020 FET Open NEURAM 712821

EPSRC (EP/J003220/1)


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