A Simple and Practical Method for Incorporating Augmented Reality into the Classroom and Laboratory

2018-09-27T14:38:54Z (GMT) by Kyle Plunkett
This manuscript provides two demonstrations of how Augmented Reality (AR), which is the projection of virtual information onto a real-world object, can be applied in the classroom and in the laboratory. Using only a smart phone and the free HP Reveal app, content rich AR notecards were prepared. The physical notecards are based on Organic Chemistry I reactions and show only a reagent and substrate. Upon interacting with the HP Reveal app, an AR video projection shows the product of the reaction as well as a real-time, hand-drawn curved-arrow mechanism of how the product is formed. Thirty AR notecards based on common Organic Chemistry I reactions and mechanisms are provided in the Supporting Information and are available for widespread use. In addition, the HP Reveal app was used to create AR video projections onto laboratory instrumentation so that a virtual expert can guide the user during the equipment setup and operation.