A Brief Pedestrian Derivation of E = mc2 for the Amateur Enthusiasts

2018-12-31T15:16:44Z (GMT) by Zion Elani
<div>This note presents a pedestrian derivation of E=mc<sup>2</sup> for freshmen in chemistry, with a method similar to that of `handling units'. Such a picturesque derivation of the formula uses nothing but Newtonian laws of motions that do not go beyond mere definitions, together with well-known elementary physical quantities such as distance, velocity, force, momentum, and energy. The pedagogic merit of such an approach is discussed.</div><div>The following notes are stimulated from class lectures given to students in college preparing for a major in chemistry and to freshman in chemistry. While they constitute no original contribution to a subject that has been widely discussed, it is hoped that they may be of help to some teachers, students, and any enthusiast amateurs.<br></div>